Coffee Bean Extract

The surprising truth about this "magic bean" - can it
really help you shed those pesky pounds?


Green Coffee: Get the facts

gcbeGot questions about green coffee extract? We've got answers! Where it comes from, how it works, who should take it, reputed health benefits and more. Learn about the other health benefits of green coffee bean extract or read up on its side effects (spoiler: virtually none!) and safety precautions of this popular diet supplement.

Chlorogenic acid - what is it?

Chlorogenic acid is the "secret ingredient" in green coffee extract - the antioxidant which studies indicate helps burn fat, lowers blood pressure, controls glucose, and a bunch of other good things. It's found in several foods too! Find out more about this versatile compound - what it is and what it does.

Choosing a GCBE supplement

So you're ready to give green coffee a try - how do you choose? We've written a short guide with 5 important tips for avoiding the scams and buying a quality product. We also did a comparison of 3 popular coffee bean extract diet pills - you may be surprised by what we found!